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stoxdox – 360: Member Services

    • A professional portfolio manager, analyst, and advisor with 26 years of experience.
    • The highest quality, unbiased, professional analysis delivered in an actionable format.
    • A full-spectrum, full-cycle, and global perspective.
    • Regular market outlook reports as conditions change.
    • Timely research and insight into individual stocks, sectors, and asset classes.
    • Individual stock reports and associated ratings.
    • Portfolio Tool: our research database updated and delivered weekly.
    • Full access to our research library.
    • dox it!: submit research requests.


Market Outlook Reports

The market outlook reports are foundational as primary market trends exert a powerful force on individual stocks, sectors, and asset classes. Our macro reports include a broad market outlook, sector updates, and relative asset class opportunities. We produce several market outlook reports each month.

stoxdox – Company Research Reports

Our company research reports feature a fundamental overview including company strategy, growth potential, and valuation. The fundamentals are supplemented with technical analysis across time frames and a potential return spectrum when appropriate. A key feature of our primary research is the risk/reward rating which can be either positive, negative, or neutral.

Our research reports are constructed as an intermediate-term foundation and are designed to be an extended framework and decision-support tool through time. The reports are structured to be  actionable in the short, intermediate and long term. On average, we introduce one new company per week.

stoxdox – Portfolio Tool

The stoxdox – Portfolio Tool provides a continuous stream of actionable information across our entire research universe. Key details from the research reports on each company are condensed into a searchable spreadsheet. The database is updated and emailed weekly thereby serving as a portfolio and decision-support tool for our members.

The following image is a snapshot of what you will see when searching within the stoxdox – Portfolio Tool. You may access a more detailed overview of the tool by clicking on the following link: stoxdox – Portfolio Tool.

stoxdox - Portfolio Tool

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